Fine and Performing Arts


美术与表演艺术系的存在是为了提供人类生存所必需的审美刺激. 学生们有机会在艺术表达和公开表演的环境中脱颖而出.


Requirements for graduation

MSMS requires students to complete one credit of fine arts during grades 9-12. Courses such as chorus, 在9年级和/或10年级参加的乐队或艺术课程将符合这一要求. 如果你从来没有这些课程之一,mms有一个广泛的选择,你可以选择. 在微信艺术学院只能获得一个美术学分才能获得所需的13个微信艺术学院学分.


After participation in the existing courses, the student will be able:

  1. To recognize different styles and genres of music.
  2. To define a body of musical terms and utilize them in performance;
  3. To apply knowledge to different performing situations.
  4. To work within an ensemble situation.
  5. To understand the cooperation needed to attain a common goal.
  6. 在排练中展现内在纪律,适用于其他学术追求.
  7. To gain an understanding of aesthetic expression.
  8. To gain self-confidence through public performance and art exhibits.
  9. To use, understand, and appreciate various art mediums.
  10. To develop and explore artistic talents.
  11. To develop an individual artistic style through the use of various mediums.
  12. To use and appreciate the elements and principles of design.
  13. To appreciate all forms of art for their aesthetic value.

Courses offered

本课程从商业歌曲的结构和写作方法的研究开始.  在整个课程中,学生将创作四首指定的歌曲和一首自由式歌曲.  The course also includes instruction in digital recording and midi.  课程的高潮是学生利用他们的音乐技术知识记录他们的原创作品. 不要求有音乐理论知识和演奏乐器的能力,但强烈建议.  Course is offered during the spring.

This course is for those students playing string, electronic, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. 365bet体育开户将探索一种广泛的音乐风格,小组内部可能会使用小型合奏. 这门课每学期至少会有两场表演,以让学生体验在真正的集体艺术中表演所必需的创作过程.

This course is for vocalists from school, civic or community choral programs. *contact the instructor if you wish to be take the class and have no previous experience. Students will survey several styles of performance including classical four part singing, a cappella, jazz, and Broadway styles. Attention will be devoted to proper breathing and diction techniques, reading music, and professional performance styles. 本课程以活动为基础,每学期至少有两场表演. 一个独唱的声音并不是必须的,而是一种为了享受而参与艺术过程的欲望 is. 

This course is for beginning piano students. Through piano studies students will study the fundamentals of music theory. Various musical styles, melodic playing, choral accompaniment, solo and ensemble playing will be studied throughout the course. Class size is limited to 10 per semester. Students will play on keyboards in the piano studio. No prior knowledge of the piano is needed.

如果你因为任何原因错过了“初365bet体育开户乐队船”,现在就是你的机会!  初级乐队的目的是教没有音乐经验的学生适当的基础演奏管乐器. In Beginning Band, students learn proper posture, breath support, horn carriage, and embouchure; staff, clef, time signature, rhythm, pitch, articulation, and other basic music symbols; and methods for setting goals, planning strategies, completing tasks, and evaluating results. 学生将学习演奏代表不同流派的器乐作品, styles, and cultures with expression, technical accuracy, tone quality, and articulation. As a part of the MSMS Performing Arts Curriculum, 《365bet体育开户》强调音乐是一种创作过程,也是一种活动, that music is an intrinsic component of personal and cultural expression, and that music is an enjoyable hands-on activity. School concerts provide the students with opportunities to perform. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Students must provide and choose one of the following instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Euphonium.

Beginning Band II is a continuation of Beginning Band I.

This course is for beginning guitar students.  Through guitar studies students will study the fundamentals of music theory.  Various musical styles, melodic playing, choral accompaniment, solo and ensemble playing will be studied throughout the course.  Class size is limited to 10 per semester.  Students are required to provide their own guitar. No prior knowledge of the guitar is needed.

Guitar performance class is for those students playing guitar and bass guitar. Many appropriate styles of music will be practiced and performed. Students are required to provide their own instrument. Ability to read music notation is required.  Course is offered during both fall and spring semesters.

This energetic class involves movement, teamwork, sharing and listening. Students will move, shake and shimmy to various styles of music.  CMM provides a safe, 在积极和愉快的环境中学习丰富多彩的运动学科,同时提高学生的知识, confidence, skills, and motivation to engage in a lifelong, healthy and physically active lifestyle. CMM课程的学生将设定并实现具有挑战性的个人健身目标,并将更高阶的思维技能应用于人体运动的科学原理. 在学习有趣的表演艺术技巧的同时,学生将获得体能和自信. Students will participate in a wide range of activities including yoga, folk and modern dance, 以提高心血管耐力为目标的创造性运动和音乐练习, flexibility and overall fitness. 本课程符合体育学分要求,但不计入mms13学分.

This course is an introduction to drawing. 本课程旨在培养学生的观察能力和绘画技巧. Students will employ a wide range of drawing media and subject matter.   

Drawing II is a studio course with hands-on learning. 本课程的目标是在高级培训中进一步学习干介质. The course will introduce students to color mediums. 

Painting I is a studio course with hands-on learning. 这门课程包含了使用水彩媒介的基本绘画技巧的介绍, Acrylic, and fabric paint. All projects include the study of the elements and principles of design. 色轮和各种配色方案将被探索并用于创造所有的艺术作品.


Painting II is a studio course with hands-on learning. 本课程是学习丙烯颜料绘画技法的延续. Students will begin to analyze their own unique styles. 最后的项目将根据学生作为新艺术家的优势和喜好量身定制. 

Sculpture I is a studio course with hands-on learning.  这是一门关于雕塑和建筑设计的应用原理和实践的课程. The student will learn the art of carving, modeling, and casting using a wide variety of materials, such as soap, wire, clay, and plaster of Paris.  学生将面对三维而不是二维的工作挑战.

Sculpture II is a studio course with hands-on learning.  本课程继续学习三维艺术及其设计和构造. 使用的材料将是粘土,重点是人脸的建模.  学习如何在陶工的轮子上创造陶器,并学习如何创造波普艺术将结束课程.  This course encourages practice using the imagination to think outside the box.

This course is designed to explore the theatrical process as an art form. 学生将专注于设计、创作和表演原创和出版的作品.



摄影I是一个工作室的课程,将是一个介绍技术, fundamentals, and aesthetics of color digital photography. 学生将熟悉数码相机和镜头的特点, metering and exposure techniques; digital image capture/editing in Photoshop CS Cloud and Adobe Camera Raw; as well as production of quality imagery via the inkjet printing process. 学生将探索各种主题和概念主题,以展示展示正确的相机操作的工作.

摄影二是一个工作室课程建立在摄影观察和先进的数字技术的使用的基础上. 本课程的主要重点是通过摄影美学的运用和技术工艺感的提高来发展个人摄影视觉.